Tuesday, November 07, 2006

my first post..

Well, I finally started a blog. I have to admit, that my only motivation for doing this is that it will earn me extra credit in my "Concepts in New Media" class, but I like to think that I'll become addicted to and keep up with it long after the course is completed.

The general basis for this blog will be to post about music that I am currently enjoying or have recently discovered. I titled the blog "a song for you" after the name of the song by the late Gram Parsons. Also the url for this blog is "blowin the coug" which is an unreleased Ryan Adams song. I apologize in advance if I post about him too much, but it's what I know. I may post some general thoughts from time to time in addition to posting about music.

Finally, I can't promise I'll keep up with the capitalizing of the first letters of sentences; I don't like doing it unless it's for school work, so cut me some slack. I hope you'll find some things of interest on here from time to time, so please keep checking in.

And with that, my first post on my new blog.


Anonymous brandi said...

First post, first comment. I think you will become addicted. Think about how many people you can reach with your thoughts on good music. You might just convert some of those K-Fed lovers!

3:42 PM, November 07, 2006  

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