Sunday, December 10, 2006

#9 The Black Keys - Magic Potion

The Black Keys are a two-piece rock group from Akron, OH. They draw comparisons to The White Stripes in that their only instrumentation is the guitar of Dan Auerbach and the drums of Patrick Carney. With their third album, 2004's Rubber Factory finally putting the band on the map, the duo hold true to their bluesy-rock vibe with their 2006 release, Magic Potion.

The album is extremely raw, and Aurbach's voice immediately reminds you of the blues, albeit a nasty blues. But the Keys strength is in its infectiously gritty guitar riffs, to which it's nearly impossible not to play your air axe along with. Album highlights include "Your Touch" and "Just a Little Heat" along with "Strange Desire", "Modern Times" and "Goodbye Babylon." But quite honestly, there isn't a single bad song on this album. With the Black Keys, you know you're consistently going to get a purely fun, foot-tapping, head-banging, air-guitaring blues-rock album. Please enjoy "Magic Potion" below.

  • The Black Keys - Magic Potion

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