Sunday, December 10, 2006

#2 Howlin' Rain - Howlin' Rain

Howlin' Rain features Comets on Fire(who are awesome themselves) guitarist Ethan Miller, drummer John Moloney, and bassist Ian Gradek. Their self-titled debut album is a lot of things, but what it isn't is anything short of awesome. In it's most basic form, it's a really good country rock album, but you add in all of the psychedelia, and absurd guitar explosions and you've found yourself having an acid flashback to the original Woodstock festival. To steal a quote from our good friend at life and how to live it, "this album is about three bowls and a bad idea away from being heady." Just as an example of this album's absurdly awesome nature, take the track "Calling Lightning With a Scythe" which for it's first three minutes or so seems like a nice rolling country tune; until the wall of guitar sqwauks rains down on you and you don't know whether to fear for your life or belt out a demonic laugh and just enjoy it.

A lot of these tracks would be great sing alongs if you could understand half of Miller's vocals, but one very audible line on the album's closing track, "The Firing of the Midnight Rain" sum up perfectly how to enjoy this album: "Drinking cans of beer all afternoon" is the best way i could possibly imagine rocking out to this ridiculously epic(for Benn, again) endeavor, which is why it's my favorite rock album of the year, and damn near my overall favorite.

I know I've been throwing up full albums for the top 10 thus far, but for whatever reason my uploads kept crapping out on me, so please enjoy a few tracks I've selected to represent this album

  • Howlin' Rain - Calling Lightning With a Scythe

  • Howlin' Rain - In Sand and Dirt

  • Howlin' Rain - The Firing of the Midnight Rain

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