Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Morning Jacket in Nashville, and update on posting of 2006 albums

I went to see My Morning Jacket at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville this past Monday. It was probably the best time I've had at show this year. We were 5th row and it was so loud. I will admit, I was pretty far gone so that surely enhanced my enjoyment of the show, but regardless, it was just a really awesome rock show. The above picture was apparently taken post-show outside of the Ryman. The guy on the far right is my friend George; the guy with the colored beard and his lady friend, well I don't know who they are. And yes, I'm wearing a ladies scarf and I'm not entirely sure how I came about that. But, here is the setlist from the show:

November 13- Ryman Auditorium, Nasville, TN
1. Nashville To Kentucky
2. Lowdown
3. Gideon
4. What A Wonderful Man
5. Off The Record
6. The Way That He Sings
7. It Beats 4 U
8. Wordless Chorus
9. Phone Went West
10. Lay Low
11. Dondante
12. Xmas Curtain
13. One Big Holiday
14. Run Thru
15. They Ran
16. Tonight I Want To Celebrate With You
17. The Bear
18. Golden
19. Anytime
20. Mahgeetah
21. At Dawn
22. Bermuda Highway

Also, I just surveyed the scene, as they say, and realize that there is far too much 2006 music that I won't have time to post about all that I enjoyed before it comes time to make my year end top 10 list. Fear not, I'll still post about and share a lot of music, probably not all from '06, but I simply do not have the time with class and work to post about everything from '06 before years end. Either way, keep checking in to hopefully discover some new tunes.


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