Monday, December 04, 2006

2006 Chick-fil-a "Peach Bowl"

Formerly known as the Chick-fil-a Peach Bowl, the now fully corporate titled Chick-fil-a Bowl will feature my University of Georgia Bulldogs versuse the Virginia Tech(VPI) Hokies. As a long time "follower" of Virginia Tech, I'm very excited to have UGA be playing against them in the "Peach" Bowl.

After Georgia started out the year strong, they struggled through the middle portion of their schedule losing four games, including inexcusable losses to Vanderbilt and Kentucky. They rebounded in their final two games of the year to blowout rival Auburn, and squeak by rival Georgia Tech. Freshman QB Matt Stafford made some huge improvements in those games and is finally starting to look like the guy all us UGA fans were so excited about.

VPI had a down year in terms of not winning their division and playing for the SEC title in a pretty huge down year for the conference. Regardless, they are still a very good team and finished the regular season ranked in the top 15.

This should be a great game, and a big test to see if UGA has finally turned the corner from their own very down year. My pretty biased prediction says that UGA wins a close game in what is virtually a home game for them. Afterall, they've traded wins and loses over the past few years at the Georgia Dome, with their last appearance being a loss to Wes Virginia in last year's Sugar Bowl. Go Dawgs!


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